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Is diet phobia just as bad as fat phobia?

The other day I had an interesting exchange with someone on my Instagram. She hashtagged me with #thefuckitdiet and because I am familiar wirth Caroline Dooner’s work I immediately knew what she meant. I explored The Fuck It Diet and also Isabel Foxen Duke’s Stop Fighting Food program a few years ago, after yet another failed diet attempt. Their approach felt liberating to me and I joined a few Facebook groups to help me learn more and fully embrace it, I called it my diet anarchy at the time. However, it wasn’t long before I fell into a deep hole of binge eating and weight gain that I could ill afford. One day I found myself reaching out in a group where talking about our weight was against the rules. I mentioned my weight anyway, to provide context with regards to a weight induced health issue I was struggling with. I asked: “How do I not make this about my weight when the weight is directly causing an unhealthy condition?” I got kicked out.

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