Is feeling our feelings the only path to weight loss?

Because emotional eaters use food to numb and ignore unpleasant emotions it is often suggested that we need to learn to ‘feel our feelings’ and work through and with them in order to change our responses and build our resilience.

The latest neuroscience certainly supports this approach and tells us that ‘repeated mental states, responses, and behaviors become neural traits’ and that it is possible to literally rewire our brain and create new pathways down a better road. Numbing our feelings with food is nothing but a bad neural trait that we have carved deeply into brain, often over decades. And even though it is suggested that we can create new grooves to replace these old ones I wonder:

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A pleasant surprise

Reached Milestone #3 → 20 lbs lost! I am really surprised to see a weight loss this week. Why? Because I had 12 packets of Justin’s Peanut Butter Cups last week! As in at last 4 individual cups every single day, on one day I had eight! That is quite a lot of chocolate for someone who is trying to lose weight. I also moved a bit less although I still walked on six days and bicycled twice. So what am I learning from this week?

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Sooo close to milestone #3

This last week was plagued by bad sleep and trying to push my calorie limits. It’s like a game I sometimes play: how many peanut butter cups can I sneak in and still lose weight? I don’t really sneak them in because I do track them but in my head it does feel like I am being naughty. Which of course is the good old diet mentality that tells us food is ‘good’ or ‘bad.’ I am trying to get away from this mentality but that’s clearly not an overnight process. Anyway, I still lost weight even though I had 9 packets of Justin’s peanut butter cups!

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Breaking the chain

I won’t lie, I ate a lot of chocolate today. And it wasn’t even a bad day, we had our nice breakfast out, went for a lovely walk and I did a lot of social media and email purging which actually felt really good. But the situation with my bookkeeping threw me off and will require a lot of extra work so I’m feeling some pressure here. I am seeing a familiar pattern…

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A good week

Day 29・Sunday Scales: -3.2 lbs・Total Loss: 14.8 lbs

Four weeks into my program I am beginning to find my groove. Last week I walked a lot, bicycled three times, including two 14-mile rides from my home into town and down to Fairhaven. That was a biggie because I used to put my bike on the car and park in town and then cycle from there. And I am so glad I did that because it meant I was honoring my fitness levels and not overdoing it, which is often a sure fire recipe to give it up altogether!

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