A good start

6.6 lbs lost, a good start!・The Reluctant Cook

Day 8・Sunday Scales: -6.6 lbs

Three blog posts in a week! Did not expect that but glad to be back in the groove. I know it won’t always be this way and that some weeks there’ll only be time for my Sunday post, but I’m always happy when I have time for more.

Even though I know that we tend to lose a lot of water rather than fat during the first week of dieting I am happy with what I saw on the scales today, it’s encouraging. One thing that my previous experience with Intuitive Dieting has taught me is to no longer view the scales as a value statement of who I am as a person (i.e. a failure or a success story) - the number is information, that’s it. It’s a bit like my attitude towards dieting: my diet is my tool, not my master. Meaning, it’s a choice rather than something that I feel controls me. The difference this shift in attitude makes is huge.

I ate well this week. My average day was around 1,550 calories, I had three no-dinner days so those were less, the other days were more. I walked three times and bicycled once. Here are photos of some of my meals, you can see more on my Instagram:

As I mentioned on my Instagram my husband started Keto and this has been an interesting learning curve for both of us. I’ve of course been aware of Keto for a while, you pretty much need to live under a rock to not have heard of the ketogenic lifestyle! It reminds me a bit of the Atkins craze in the 90s which was based on very similar principles. While Keto is not exclusively adopted for weight loss reasons many people do it to shed their extra pounds, it seems to be popular especially amongst obese people. I follow a few Keto accounts on Instagram and it’s quite fascinating to see how well many people do on this lifestyle, and how much weight they are losing.

Personally I’ve never been that interested because my philosophy of ‘all foods are allowed’ is important to me, I don’t do well when I feel deprived of certain food groups. I love my bread for instance (hello, I am German!) and pasta, too. Don’t have those every day but when a craving hits (usually a sign my body needs something from that food group) I want to be able to oblige.


The more I learn about Keto the more intrigued I am. And I am toying with the idea of trying it. Perhaps not the full-blown version but ease myself into a lower-carb sugar free lifestyle to start with. It’s not so much the weight loss aspect I am interested in - I am losing weight on Intuitive Dieting no problem - but some of the claimed health benefits: better sleep, lower inflammation, enhanced mental health. The latter especially peaked my interest when I saw that some people do Keto to help with their anxieties. Could this really make as much of a difference as these people claim?

One thing that I need to say here is that I don’t believe there is a one-fits-all lifestyle. Far from it. There are so many aspects that play into what is good for our own bodies such as genetics, cultural background, family history, and availability of food types. I am not talking about ethical choices here, either, but purely about what our bodies need physiologically. Some people’s bodies do best on a vegetarian diet while others thrive on being carnivores.

Have you ever heard of the blood-type diet? I’ve been aware of it for many years and it’s the only approach I’ve researched that makes sense to me with regards to optimizing our nutrition. Not that I ever did anything with that knowledge but it nonetheless always made a lot of sense to me! I am for instance blood type O which is the oldest blood type in the world. Type O’s are basically the carnivores who do best on animal product based diets with a small amount of low glycemic vegetables, some fruits and nuts, and a tiny bit of grains if needed. I love a lot of the Type O recommended foods and have, for instance, often marveled how good a steak makes me feel! The blood-type theory could also explain the popularity and effectiveness of Keto since Type O is the most common blood type.

Whatever I do, calorie counting will still be a part of it because portion control for weight loss is still important. But I am also becoming very interested in looking at ways to optimize my nutrition and I have a feeling that my body will respond well to a ketogenic-leaning diet. Two things to be mindful of: I don’t have a gallbladder and I am in menopause. So I am still doing a bit more research. From what I have learned so far, neither is a problem but may require a more gradual onboarding process. I am open to this.

What really excites me about all of this is that I am actually thinking about the long-term here and as such I am not in a rush to jump into anything other than just watch my portions and listen to my body, and then see what else I can learn and try. I am willing to experiment, tweak and adjust as I go along, and I am very interested in developing a lifestyle that truly optimizes my body and suits my temper and environment.

Do any of my readers do Keto? I would love to hear about your experience with it!