A good week

On my way back from the Farmer’s Market

On my way back from the Farmer’s Market

Day 29・Sunday Scales: -3.2 lbs・Total Loss: 14.8 lbs

Four weeks into my program I am beginning to find my groove. Last week I walked a lot, bicycled three times, including two 14-mile rides from my home into town and down to Fairhaven. That was a biggie because I used to put my bike on the car and park in town and then cycle from there. And I am so glad I did that because it meant I was honoring my fitness levels and not overdoing it, which is often a sure fire recipe to give it up altogether!

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One of the challenges with cycling from my home is that I have to use more high traffic surface roads and on the way back there is a loooong hill up a busy street. Most of the roads have bike paths which helps. Cycling in the city and amongst traffic is not a problem in and of itself, I grew up in a big city and have bicycled acrtoss Cologne, London, New York City, Vancouver and LA. I am very comfortable on city roads.

However, since my bike accident last year, which did not even happen on a road (thankfully!) but on the seaside trail, I’ve noticed that I’ve become more timid on my bicycle. Which is why I decided to start cycling from home as soon as my stamina allowed because I love bicycling too much to allow that fear to keep me away from it. And it’s working. I am still very careful in traffic, expecially getting on and off my bike with my dodgy ankle and knee, but I am feeling my old confidence returning. And speaking of my knee, it’s still not 100% but getting better! All the walking and cycling definitely seems to be helping and I am starting physio for it in a couple of weeks and hopefully that will get it back to normal eventually.

Summer tomatoes for Caprese Salad・The Reluctant Cook

This weekend we also entertained for the first time since starting our diets, it went very well and our friends loved the food. We had keto-friendly steaks and brussels sprouts with bacon as well as a nice caprese salad and keto cupcakes for desert. Plus a nice glass of cool white wine for me 😊The dinner was healthy but still clocked in just under 1,000 cals. Which fit into my allowance but made me realize, once again, just how much I used to eat, in the past I would have gone for seconds and had more wine and probably 2-3 cupcakes. It certainly was nice to not feel so super stuffed this time.

By the way, in case anyone even remembers, my ‘resolution’ to shut down screens after 7pm. Yeah, that never happened. I don’t even know why I still make grand statements like that, I know very well that this type of thing does not work for me! Nonetheless, I did spend less time on my computer and phone for the simple reason that I was more active last week and not sitting down for hours on end.

As we are heading into August I am looking forward to more walks and bicycle rides. This is a beautiful time of year where we live and I intend to make the most of it.

Have a wonderful week!

Kerstin xo

Some of last week’s food

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