Another big milestone reached

Hard to believe that only three weeks ago we sailed through here on a huge cruise ship!

Hard to believe that only three weeks ago we sailed through here on a huge cruise ship!

Sunday Scales: -4.2 lbs・Total Loss: 29.6 lbs・Reached milestones # 6&7

Nice loss on the scales this morning. At first I was surprised because I had been indulging a bit the last couple of days while we were entertaining out-of-town guests. But actually, it’s not that surprising because I was not well earlier this week and ate very little for a few days.

I am not sure what exactly it was but I had lower abdominal pain and felt blocked and overall just not well, especially on Sunday. I monitored it closely, worried that it might be diverticulitis as I have early-stage diverticular disease which is a very common condition as we age, especially for women. I have not been symptomatic so far but a friend of ours had literally just been admitted to hospital with an acute case of diverticulitis so this was at the forefront of my mind. Alas, I slowly got better and after three days of mostly soup and tea things returned to normal. Which was a good thing as we had visitors over the weekend and went out for some scrumptious meals!

As I was reviewing this last week I noticed a small shift in some of my behaviors:

  • Leaving food on the plate when I am full.

  • Eating less during the day if I know I am going out at night.

  • Enjoying my meals and ONLY eating foods that I like and that taste good.

  • Listening more to what my body wants. Which to my surprise doesn’t mean pasta and bread all the time! In fact, I have been eating very little pasta since starting my program almost three months ago.

  • An increased willingness to prepare a meal and to cook when my body clearly wants something fresh, green and/or colorful. Once I ignore my inner resistance to prepping and weighing the food (which has nothing to do with cooking and everything to do with my resistance to being present) I actually enjoy the process as it makes cooking so much easier and calmer.

  • Saying no more often. When my anxieties want me to tune out with ‘just one more peanut butter cup’ (“You are losing weight, Kerstin, so it’s ok, you can have another”) and I am hyper aware of what’s going on and decide to simply say ‘no’. As soon as I do that the craving goes away.

One daily habit

The last 12 weeks have not been easy but they’ve not been super hard, either. The one consistent behavior I wanted to introduce was daily food tracking and I have not missed a single day. Has it been perfect? Of course not. Some days I have to guess my foods (especially when we were on the cruise), some days I really do not feel like weighing out everything (in which case I either do it anyway or have something like a Wasa crispbread with egg that’s quick and easy to track), some days I totally go over my calorie limit. Learning to navigate all these scenarios and to be ok with them, and to continue with the food tracking through it all, has given me a foundation of better choices and increased self-trust.

It’s still a long road ahead but I feel like I finally found the right car for the journey.

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