Sunday Scales: Getting back into the swing of things

Autumn is near! Which makes me so happy, this is my favorite season!

Autumn is near! Which makes me so happy, this is my favorite season!

Sunday Scales: -3.8 lbs・Total Loss: 25.4 lbs

Well, that was nice to see on the scales this morning. Not only have I recovered from the cruise gain (2.8 lbs) but lost an additional pound on top of that. I reckon this is also testimony to how much water weight we carry when we eat a lot of processed high salt, high sugar foods as was the case with a lot of the cruise meals. Getting back to a more basic diet of fresh and less processed foods definitely makes a difference.

So good to be back on the trail!

So good to be back on the trail!

I am also VERY close to my next big milestone of 241 lbs which was the starting weight of my 2011 diet. I’ve really only ever been on a handful of ‘serious’ diets and I remember this one well. We lived in Massachusetts at the time and I worked for Amherst College and we had just moved into a condo that we loved. Life was settling nicely which is always a good time to take a deep breath and refocus on your self-care. I also did calorie counting back then although with less focus on Intuitive Eating. Every lunch-time I walked around the beautiful college campus and at the weekends my husband and I bicycled along the rail trails. I lost about 30 lbs but fell off the wagon when my husband’s company announced that were relocating to Germany! So yes, another move. Another upheaval and disruption of the routine that is so important for my program. Seriously, in many ways it is not surprising that it’s been so hard for me to shed the weight and change my habits, since meeting my husband in 2003 we moved every single year! And some of them big moves, twice across the Atlantic and a few cross-country ones. Plus new jobs in every location. Don’t get me wrong though, a part of me actually loves moving and thrives on change, it makes me feel alive and I love the excitement and promise of new beginnings. Alas, even for me the last couple of moves were a little too much and I can’t tell you how happy I am to be back in our beloved condo here in the Pacific Northwest where we intend to stay a long time! I finally feel that I can develop a good routine in support of my weight loss and health goals and I am much more aware of the importance of my routine, and more protective of it.

Day 78・Weight Loss Progess Photo・The Reluctant Cook

My husband is away at a weekend biz conference and I didn’t have anyone to take my photo so a cozy-rainy-day-inside selfie it is today. Eatingwise I waited until I was hungry and then I had a German-style “Strammer Max”: a piece of sourdough bread with Black Forest ham, 2 fried eggs and a dollop of avocado mayo. Oh, and that amazing Trader Joe’s Everything But The Bagel seasoning (affiliate link) that everyone in the keto world raves about! It always looks so good on Instagram that I had to try it and it is indeed very yummy.

Well, that’s it for today, I better get off the computer now because I want to do some meal prep for the week, and also hang up some pictures which is the only job left after the move.

Have a wonderful week!

Kerstin xo

Food last week

Some of my getting back on track meals.

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