Breaking the chain

Soar high・The Reluctant Cook

Day 36・Sunday Scales: -1.4 lbs・Total Loss: 16.2 lbs

It is almost 1 a.m. on Monday morning and this is a chain I do not want to break: my Sunday posts. I spent all day with my head in my computer, purging Facebook contacts, my emails and phone apps. Phew. I was so tired tonight that I just didn’t have the energy to write my Sunday post. So I’ll just share what I posted to Instagram earlier:

Day 36 Weight Loss Progress・The Reluctant Cook

”I won’t lie, I ate a lot of chocolate today. And it wasn’t even a bad day, we had our nice breakfast out, went for a lovely walk and I did a lot of social media and email purging which actually felt really good. But the situation with my bookkeeping threw me off and will require a lot of extra work so I’m feeling some pressure here.

I am seeing a familiar pattern: stress + overwhelm > don’t care attitude > reach for familiar crutch = comfort food > test the limits of my plan > how many ‘treats’ can I get away with? Well, today that meant 4 packets of peanut butter cups that I’m trying to get away with.

What happens next is also familiar: diet guilt and a sense of helplessness, like I have no control over any of this.

This is often where the journey turns into a slippery road but you know what? It doesn’t have to. This is a chain I can and will break. Because I DO have 100% control over what I do and what I eat and sometimes I just need to remind myself of that. It’s like a switch in my head that I turned on when I started my program: every now and then it flickers a bit and I need to push it back into the ON position. Tomorrow is another day and another chance to make good choices in support of my well being and and my goal 🧡”

Have a great Monday!

Kerstin xo

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