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Can you do Keto without a gallbladder?

So I’ve been doing quite a bit of research into Keto since my husband started doing it (and losing TONS of weight and feeling great!). As you know my attitude has always been to allow everything and let my body decide what it wants/needs. But I was intrigued not just by the phenomenal weight loss that Keto fans report but also some of the other benefits that a ketogenic lifestyle claims to offer.

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Pasta salad for the soul

My body likes low carb eating. And since this journey is all about listening more to what my body wants I’ve not been having a lot of bread or pasta. In fact, I have not had any pasta until today! I’m not sure what happened but last night I suddenly had a strong craving for a nice big bowl of pasta salad. But Monday-Thursday are ND days = No Dinner days. To be honest, we’ve not been very consistent with our ND days but this week we wanted to give it a serious effort and see how it goes. For me this means only two meals a day and maybe a small snack in the afternoon. So when I had my craving last night I promised myself a nice pasta salad for lunch today, IF I still wanted that.

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Is diet phobia just as bad as fat phobia?

The other day I had an interesting exchange with someone on my Instagram. She hashtagged me with #thefuckitdiet and because I am familiar wirth Caroline Dooner’s work I immediately knew what she meant. I explored The Fuck It Diet and also Isabel Foxen Duke’s Stop Fighting Food program a few years ago, after yet another failed diet attempt. Their approach felt liberating to me and I joined a few Facebook groups to help me learn more and fully embrace it, I called it my diet anarchy at the time. However, it wasn’t long before I fell into a deep hole of binge eating and weight gain that I could ill afford. One day I found myself reaching out in a group where talking about our weight was against the rules. I mentioned my weight anyway, to provide context with regards to a weight induced health issue I was struggling with. I asked: “How do I not make this about my weight when the weight is directly causing an unhealthy condition?” I got kicked out.

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