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How to get back on track after a cruise

The last two Sundays were travel days, hence no posts. But I am happy to report that I am back on solid ground! The cruise was wonderful. I did have a couple of anxiety filled nights when the seas were rough and our cabin creaked a lot, it just didn’t feel good to me to be in the middle of an ocean while that was going on. I don’t get seasick but I still didn’t like that. Nonetheless…

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Is feeling our feelings the only path to weight loss?

Because emotional eaters use food to numb and ignore unpleasant emotions it is often suggested that we need to learn to ‘feel our feelings’ and work through and with them in order to change our responses and build our resilience.

The latest neuroscience certainly supports this approach and tells us that ‘repeated mental states, responses, and behaviors become neural traits’ and that it is possible to literally rewire our brain and create new pathways down a better road. Numbing our feelings with food is nothing but a bad neural trait that we have carved deeply into brain, often over decades. And even though it is suggested that we can create new grooves to replace these old ones I wonder:

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