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A pleasant surprise

Reached Milestone #3 → 20 lbs lost! I am really surprised to see a weight loss this week. Why? Because I had 12 packets of Justin’s Peanut Butter Cups last week! As in at last 4 individual cups every single day, on one day I had eight! That is quite a lot of chocolate for someone who is trying to lose weight. I also moved a bit less although I still walked on six days and bicycled twice. So what am I learning from this week?

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Sooo close to milestone #3

This last week was plagued by bad sleep and trying to push my calorie limits. It’s like a game I sometimes play: how many peanut butter cups can I sneak in and still lose weight? I don’t really sneak them in because I do track them but in my head it does feel like I am being naughty. Which of course is the good old diet mentality that tells us food is ‘good’ or ‘bad.’ I am trying to get away from this mentality but that’s clearly not an overnight process. Anyway, I still lost weight even though I had 9 packets of Justin’s peanut butter cups!

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Breaking the chain

I won’t lie, I ate a lot of chocolate today. And it wasn’t even a bad day, we had our nice breakfast out, went for a lovely walk and I did a lot of social media and email purging which actually felt really good. But the situation with my bookkeeping threw me off and will require a lot of extra work so I’m feeling some pressure here. I am seeing a familiar pattern…

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A good week

Day 29・Sunday Scales: -3.2 lbs・Total Loss: 14.8 lbs

Four weeks into my program I am beginning to find my groove. Last week I walked a lot, bicycled three times, including two 14-mile rides from my home into town and down to Fairhaven. That was a biggie because I used to put my bike on the car and park in town and then cycle from there. And I am so glad I did that because it meant I was honoring my fitness levels and not overdoing it, which is often a sure fire recipe to give it up altogether!

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Two milestones reached!

Day 22・Sunday Scales: -2.8 lbs・Total Loss: 11.6 lbs

The weight loss made me very happy today, mostly because it’s been a week filled with resistance. I was putting myself under a lot of pressure at work because of a new e-course I am launching tomorrow and when I get into these last minute frenzies it’s really hard for me to focus on my health journey, and to stay present with it. It’s times like these when I am super grateful for the diet-part of my program, in my case the calorie counting, as well as my journal.

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