Last week I ate six eggs and lost 5.7 lbs

 Eggs & Tomatoes on Ryvita crisp bread・The Reluctant Cook

If you follow me on Instagram you will see that a lot of my food photos contain eggs. Usually boiled (8 minutes is perfect for me) or fried, with the occasional omelette or German egg pancake. It is no secret – I love eggs! In fact, eggs make me quite happy and feel good inside. Thankfully I don't have a cholesterol problem, although hasn't the effect of eggs on that been debunked anyway? I'm not sure, there have been so many studies on so many food groups that contradict each other that I think it's safest to listen to our bodies instead. And mine craves eggs regularly. 

And what's not to love? They taste great, add a nice splash of color, are easy to make (not a lot of cooking here!), are low calorie and very satisfying. Oh, and they are loaded with vitamins, minerals, high quality proteins, good fats and a few other goodies. Just an all-round good food. 

So last week I ate 6 eggs and lost 5.7 lbs. Sounds like one of those cheesy diet headlines, doesn't it? Obviously I ate a lot more than just those eggs, I had green smoothies, sandwiches, pasta, peanut butter cups, salads, miso soup, wine and on my birthday we went out and I overindulged on bread, clam chowder and filet mignon. That was actually one of those moments that would have totally tripped me up in the past. But I didn't panic or overthink it and simply enjoyed it.

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