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I do love my weekly latte. A croissant may also have featured here 😉

I do love my weekly latte. A croissant may also have featured here 😉

Sunday Scales: +1.6 lbs・Total Loss: 26.8 lbs

This gain is actually not as bad as I had expected. Despite last week’s efforts to meal-plan and get my head back into place that did not quite happen. While I did stick to most of my meal plan I also ate a lot of unplanned treats, snacked a lot and ate beyond my satiation level. What basically happened was that the good old last-supper mentality kicked in and for a couple of days I just stuffed myself because I knew I had to ‘get back on my diet’ and hence lose this ‘freedom to eat all my feelings’! In addition to all of this I also didn’t do any of my usual walking, my head was basically stuck in my computer all week and I used my workload and the weather as an excuse to not get out. Oh well. What’s done is done. Time to move on.

People often blame the diet when we ‘fall off’, saying that “diets don’t work” but that really is not the issue. My diet works just fine, what doesn’t work is going back to my old habits of comfort eating when I am stressed and swapping my attention for inertia.

It’s time to reign this thing back in and to remember my own words: “I am not helpless in this. I can take responsibility for my actions and for my food plan. I have all the power and agency I need to continue making positive changes.” Plus, let’s not forget that I have still lost almost 27 lbs in the last 3 months and that is great! And - I have not lost my last two milestones, either, I am still good there.

So how to get back on track? I did consider staying off the sugar for a week or two but really, who am I kidding?? This kind of restriction never works with me, when will ever learn that? Alas, it will definitely be good to eat maybe not 8 or 10 peanut butter cups in a day (ahem) and just stick to the 2 that I know work just find to help with my sweet cravings and comfort needs. My priorities these week:

  1. Better sleep

  2. Cook more

  3. Daily walks

There is still a lot going on in my business this month that will require much of my focus and energy but I know that setting these priorities will help with that as well.

Have a wonderful week!

Kerstin xo

Some of Last Week’s Meals

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Today’s Shopping.

Today’s Shopping.

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