I am back

 Kickstarting my Intuitive Dieting journey with delicious roasted veggies・The Reluctant Cook

I spent a good part of this weekend writing a long "come-back" post, only to procrastinate over publishing it and then deleting it again. While my deeper musings are appreciated by many (and I am grateful for that!) it sometimes is just as simple as this: 

I am restarting The Reluctant Cook and my journey towards healing emotional eating and building emotional resilience with the help of Intuitive Eating, journaling, nutrition therapy and - of course - cooking!

I am still a very reluctant cook but I just looked through some of my food photos from previous diet blogs and suddenly I realized: a part of me is looking forward to getting back into my kitchen and learning some new recipes, digging up some old favorites and generally focussing on creating yummy and nutritious meals that are easy and healthy, while helping me feel more present and engaged. 

New: Support Group

One thing I am doing a little differently this time round is that I would love to start a private Facebook group! Come and join us if you struggle with your weight but don't want to diet anymore. My hope is that this group will grow into an awesome community where we support each other towards our goal of living a more intentional life around our food and health choices.