The two possible reasons why I am re-starting my Intuitive Dieting journey

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Yesterday I started calorie counting. Again. For, like, the gazillionth time. Actually, I just took stock and this is the 5th time in 40 years that I am getting out the calculator and adding up the food I consume. Only nowadays of course I use an app and that is so much easier! So why am I doing this? I figured there are two possible reasons:

One: I am insane

Einstein said it best (or maybe not): "Insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results." Why would I start calorie counting again when clearly it hasn’t worked in the past? When the statistics cry out that 95% of dieters regain every single ounce they lost? Just google it and the evidence feels overwhelming: Diets don’t work. Right?

Two: I am learning and practicing until it works

Sometimes we have to do things over and over again until we finally get it. It’s like learning to walk, it takes many attempts and continuous practice before we are stable enough to stand on our two feet and walk without stumbling. Diets do work, what doesn’t work and causes regain is falling back into old habits. But every time this happens I learn something new if I am willing to listen to the lesson.

Seven lessons I have learned from my five previous attempts at calorie counting:

  1. Calorie counting works.
    If I regard is as a tool rather than my master.

  2. Calorie counting is incredibly easy these days.
    Information is readily available and there are lots of helpful tools like calorie counting apps, step trackers and many more.

  3. Calorie counting teaches me to be more present and to enjoy cooking.
    I used to really stress over preparing a meal from scratch while weighing and counting out the ingredients. However, during my last serious dieting round in 2015 I noticed a rather surprising side effect: if - rather than rushing through it - I took enough time to prepare my ingredients before cooking them I could not only easily weigh and log them, I actually enjoyed the process of cooking a lot more! Who knew.

  4. I have a better chance at succeeding when my life has structure.
    Moving and starting new jobs almost every year is not condusive to establishing healthier habits. Routine is what helps me bring my attention back to my wellbeing.

  5. Emotional eating is my big trigger that keeps tripping me up.
    This is where it all starts and ends.

  6. Intuitive Dieting is the only things that’s ever worked for me.
    Out of all the crazy diets I have tried over the last four decades (there weren’t actually too many but some definitely were crazy!) calorie counting and Intuitive Dieting are the only approaches that ever helped me lose a significant amount of weight and keep it off. I think it’s because I can eat anything I want with calories counting, it just needs to fit into my daily allowance. This way I can truly listen to my body and feed it what it wants but also appease my mind with a couple of peanut butter cups when I need a quick anxiety fix.

  7. Attention is everything.
    This is perhaps the biggest lesson of all: if I stop paying attention I stop caring.

Attention is the most concrete expression of love. What you pay attention to thrives. What you do not pay attention to withers and dies.
— Karen Maezen Miller

I am going with reason Two. I’ve fallen and I am getting up and starting again.

We built a house this year and moved in three months ago, during one of the busiest times in my business as well. There are still things to do in the house but we are unpacked and finally starting to settle. I’ve also been seeing a therapist who specialises in eating disorders. And while she does not support dieting my sessions with her have been very helpful in doing some much needed unraveling and grieving. As mentioned above, emotional eating is my biggest challenge and I will keep working on that.

Thank you to those of you who stuck around and are still with me. That means a lot!

Facebook Group

I also re-starting my private Facebook group. It never closed but it became inactive when I abandonded my Intuitive Dieting journey. If you are in a similar boat where you have a lot of weight to lose and are interested in joining us click here.