Pasta salad for the soul

Pasta Salad is good for the Soul!・The Reluctant Cook

My body likes low carb eating. And since this journey is all about listening more to what my body wants I’ve not been having a lot of bread or pasta. In fact, I have not had any noodles until today! I’m not sure what happened but last night I suddenly had a strong craving for a nice big bowl of pasta salad. But Monday-Thursday are ND days = No Dinner days. To be honest, we’ve not been very consistent with our ND days but this week we wanted to give it a serious effort and see how it goes. For me this means only two meals a day and maybe a small snack in the afternoon. So when I had my craving last night I promised myself a nice pasta salad for lunch today, IF I still wanted that.

I did.

There was not a lot of fusili left in the pantry, or so I thought. The remainder of what was in the bag weighed out at 150g which is more than my usual 75-100g portion. It did not look like much in its dry weight so I thought, what the heck, I’ll just cook it all. Once I had added all the ingredients - the ham & peas, 1/4 red pepper, 1 tbsp each of avocado oil and pesto - this turned into one of the most calorific meals since starting my program three weeks ago. The total came in at 890 cals. Here are some of the thoughts that went through my head:

  • I should not eat all of this, it’s way too much.

  • This is an ND day so I can have a big lunch.

  • It fits within my calories, I am allowed a big lunch.

  • If I listen to my body it won’t want all of this.

  • If I wasn’t on a diet I would eat all of this and go back for more.

You can see where this is going. It’s the good old diet monster messing with my head. Here is the thing: this portion was definitely more than my body needed but my soul wanted this. I knew that I was probably going to feel quite stuffed but I did not want to care about that.

So I made a decision.

I decided to eat it all and to savor it. I did not eat at my desk but sat down on the balcony and enjoyed a lovely al fresco lunch. And yes, I finished it, simply because it tasted so good, and felt wonderful in my soul.

One of the Intuitive Eating principles is to stop eating when we are physically satisfied. That makes a lot of sense to me. And if I learn to follow this guideline 80% of the times then I’ll be very happy. Today’s lunch was a 20% occasion and I am ok with that because I also want to learn this: To not feel guilty when I overeat because it simply tastes good or because I want the comfort. Intuitive Dieting helps me with that because I can build it into my plan.

Whatever I do, I try to remember this:

Weight loss is my goal and mindfulness, learning and enjoyment are the journey.

What ND days looks like around here, this was yesterday and today - breakfast & lunch: