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Soar high・The Reluctant Cook

Day 43・Sunday Scales: -2.4 lbs・Total Loss: 18.6 lbs

This last week was plagued by bad sleep and trying to push my calorie limits. It’s like a game I sometimes play: how many peanut butter cups can I sneak in and still lose weight? I don’t really sneak them in because I do track them but in my head it does feel like I am being naughty. Which of course is the good old diet mentality that tells us food is ‘good’ or ‘bad.’ I am trying to get away from this mentality but that’s clearly not an overnight process. Anyway, I still lost weight even though I had 9 packets of Justin’s peanut butter cups!

Weight Loss Progress Day 43・The Reluctant Cook

One thing I was very aware of last week is how much my sleep deprivation affects my cravings. Between the sleep apnea (I do use a cpap but that doesn’t always help with the next two things), menopause and an overactive mind it’s been a tough week. I definitely noticed how much hungrier I felt for carbs and sugar, and how much less I ‘cared’ about giving into those cravings. Looking back I can see that my overactive mind is often the biggest culprit, when I feel calmer and less agitated I do sleep a lot better, even with the menopause and apnea related challenges. Much of this is down to my job, running an online business means a lot of time in front of my computer and on my phone, and because of the easy access to my devices it is tempting to never stop. It is not unheard of that I engage in troubleshooting in my Squarespace groups at 11pm in bed! Screen addiction is a thing, my friends. But I am slowly making changes. I’ve removed work email from my phone and stopped notifications for Instagram and Facebook. Not seeing the red numbers is helping so much! I also did a big digital detox last week and unfriended a few hundred people on FB and decluttered my email folders and simplified some of my workflows. Every little helps. I love what I do and that’s partly why I have such a hard time switching off, but I’ve come to realize that I simply have to create a better work/life balance. Even if I love my work I need to take time off and, more importantly, time away from the screens. It is well documented that too much screentime has a negative impact on pretty much everything in our lives, sleep being one of them. Last night was actually the first night where I slept a bit better and what a difference that made! It’s so worth it to work on this.

My top 15 foods for weight loss, apparently.

Today marks the start of week 7 and I thought it would be interesting to look through my food stats in my LoseIt app. Very interesting indeed! I always say that I eat low carb but what I mostly see here in my top 15 list is lots of fat and a good amount of carbs actually with some protein from eggs and cheese rather than meat. It’s funny because I would have expected to see more leafy greens and meat here but they are further down the list. Guess I am not as ‘almost-Keto’ as I think! And look at those peanut butter cups 👀 Alas, I have lost 18.6 lbs and am very close to my next milestone of 20 lbs! I am eating well and, most importantly, all foods I love.

What is not reflected here but also helping a lot is being more active. Most days I walk 1-3 times and I bicycle 2-3 times a week. You know how they say that exercise is not as important as the food for weight loss? I don’t disagree with that but when you come from a very sedentary lifestyle than getting moving will definitely play a role as well. Alas, for me the walking and cycling is not so much about the weight loss but more about feeling physically fitter, having more stamina and getting more fresh air and natural light! This week I went on a 12-mile bike ride with a friend up in Vancouver and it was wonderful! They have such great trails up there and between the views, the sunshine and the company it was such a lovely day. I want more of that!

Have a great week 💛

Kerstin xo

Some of this week’s food

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