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Can you do Keto without a gallbladder?

So I’ve been doing quite a bit of research into Keto since my husband started doing it (and losing TONS of weight and feeling great!). As you know my attitude has always been to allow everything and let my body decide what it wants/needs. But I was intrigued not just by the phenomenal weight loss that Keto fans report but also some of the other benefits that a ketogenic lifestyle claims to offer.

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A good start

Day 8・Sunday Scales: -6.6 lbs

Today is Sunday Scales and I am very happy with what I’m seeing. I ate well this week. My average day was around 1,550 calories, I had three no-dinner days so those were less, the other days were more. I walked three times and bicycled once. Here are photos of some of my meals, you can see more on my Instagram. As I mentioned on my Instagram my husband started Keto and this has been an interesting learning curve for both of us and I am considering joining the force! Just considering at this point, I am still in the research phase…

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