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A pleasant surprise

Reached Milestone #3 → 20 lbs lost! I am really surprised to see a weight loss this week. Why? Because I had 12 packets of Justin’s Peanut Butter Cups last week! As in at last 4 individual cups every single day, on one day I had eight! That is quite a lot of chocolate for someone who is trying to lose weight. I also moved a bit less although I still walked on six days and bicycled twice. So what am I learning from this week?

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A good start

Day 8・Sunday Scales: -6.6 lbs

Today is Sunday Scales and I am very happy with what I’m seeing. I ate well this week. My average day was around 1,550 calories, I had three no-dinner days so those were less, the other days were more. I walked three times and bicycled once. Here are photos of some of my meals, you can see more on my Instagram. As I mentioned on my Instagram my husband started Keto and this has been an interesting learning curve for both of us and I am considering joining the force! Just considering at this point, I am still in the research phase…

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