Two milestones reached!

Saturday Bike Ride around Bellingham Bay・The Reluctant Cook

Day 22・Sunday Scales: -2.8 lbs・Total Loss: 11.6 lbs

I reached two milestones this week: lost my first 10 lbs and reached the starting weight of my 2015 Intuitive Dieting journey. If you’re curious, you can see all my milestones here.

Lost another 2.8 lbs・The Reluctant Cook

The weight loss made me very happy today, mostly because it’s been a week filled with resistance. I was putting myself under a lot of pressure at work because of a new e-course I am launching tomorrow and when I get into these last minute frenzies it’s really hard for me to stay present with my health journey. It’s times like these when I am super grateful for the diet-part of my program, in my case the calorie counting, as well as my journal.

Because of the calorie counting I only had one bowl of dry fruit loop cereal (a sure sign how desparate I was for sugar, this used to be my husband’s cereal before he started Keto, I normally don’t touch that stuff) and only one sleeve of peanut butter cups. I did experiment with dark chocolate for a bit but it’s just not for me. I never liked it in the past and I still don’t. I actually do much better with something I truly enjoy, like Justin’s Peanut Butter Cups, but have that in moderation and built into my calorie allowance. It works for me.

Weight Loss Milestones・The Reluctant Cook

The journal helped a lot as well, I didn’t keep up so much with the daily charts, to be honest it’s a bit of a pain having to draw them all the time. But I used the blank pages for writing and a couple of times, when I could feel mega resistance rising within, I sat down and wrote a couple of pages. Just a stream-of-consciousness brain dump. It helped.

I walked once or twice every day and did two bike rides, including one big one on Saturday. Some of you may remember the dog we were looking after for friends, she is such a sweetheart and we love her, but we had to take her to the back-up dogsitter because our cat had basically spent 10 days under our bed and he was too freaked out to leave our bedroom. Which meant that he drove us crazy at night and we got very little sleep for more than a week. We just couldn’t do it anymore, and we also felt really bad for our cat, he should feel save in his own home! Walking the dog three times a day was definitely a good kick-start to our Radical Rethink. I don’t miss picking up the poo though!

My anxieties have been quite high but I am realizing that they are partly made worse by my poor sleep. Between the cat keeping us up and the sleep apnea I’ve had some restless nights and that makes for low energy days. Last night I still didn’t get enough rest but I slept better and even though I still felt tired today my mood was so much brighter! I know the apnea will get better once I lose another 40-50 lbs but that is obviously not going to happen overnight. Nonetheless, I decided to focus on getting better sleep this coming week and I suppose that means I should not be blogging at 11:15 pm! Screen time at night is actually a big problem for me (along with most everyone else!) so let’s see if I can curb it a bit. It’s not easy because I run a full-time online education business from home and that means a lot of screen and social media time. Alas, I am going to try and shut down my computer and phone at 7pm this week, I’ll let you know how that goes!

Have a great week!

Kerstin xo

Food Last Week

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