What goes down must go up!

Good mail week! Can’t wait to get started with Salt, Fat, Acid, Heat - heard so many great things about this book!

Good mail week! Can’t wait to get started with Salt, Fat, Acid, Heat - heard so many great things about this book!

Sunday Scales: +1.2 lbs・Total Loss: 28.4 lbs

Ordinarily this would be good news but not when it comes to the number on the scales! A small gain this week but this is where perspective helps because it really is just a very small gain. And not that surprising, either, because last week I went over my calorie limit quite a few times and was not very active, either, due my knee playing up again. Sigh. Looking back I can see quite clearly what was going on:

  1. Lack of energy. It was a very busy week at work and that always means less sleep and less energy for other things, like meal prep and staying present with my weight loss program. The workload will continue into October so I am going to be very mindful about putting some strategies into place to help me stay focused on my health journey. So tonight, for instance, I made my Bircher Muesli for the week so that breakfast is already taken care of every day. I will also do a couple of ‘No Dinner’ days on those days when my husband is fasting. And, I made a rough meal plan for the week and shopped accordingly. Even though the whole time I felt a huge resistance and fatigue and really didn’t feel like doing any of that, but I decided to do it anyway. Because sometimes that is the only way to stay on track, or get back in track.

  2. Self-sabotage. That’s me. When things go too well I self-sabotage. I had a couple of nice weight loss weeks and was back on track after the cruise. I felt good. Well, we can’t have that, right? So there was definitely an element of defiance here, a familiar response to too much goodness. Oh well. At least these days I recognize this when it happens and can make respective adjustments to my thinking.

  3. The sprinter is tired! This is probably one of my biggest challenges on this journey. I am a sprinter at heart but this weight loss journey is a marathon. So I have to find ways to keep this journey interesting, and also find a rhythm of go-go-go-rest that does not interfere with the overall goal.

That’s all for tonight, it’s almost midnight and I better get some sleep… zzz…

Have a wonderful week!

Kerstin xo

I love my old fashioned kitchen but winters are tough for food photography due to the light, or lack thereof.

Prepping my Bircher Muesli for the week. This will all soak up nicely overnight.

Keeping things simple! I take a sheet of paper and write down all the perishables currently in the fridge…

… then I make a rough meal plan from these perishables, and I also write a shopping list for the rest.

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