Kerstin Martin, Founder of The Reluctant Cook and the Intuitive Dieting™ Program

Kerstin・Founder of The Reluctant Cook

Kerstin Martin is a successful Squarespace Web Designer & Authorized Trainer, a passion she found late in life after spending decades in corporate jobs in the airline, I.T., finance and education industries. 

On The Reluctant Cook she blogs about the psychology of obesity and dieting, her own weight struggles and her journey towards Intuitive Eating and better health. Her reluctant love of cooking takes center-stage as Kerstin unravels decades of last-supper mentality, guilt and resistance, while fostering emotional resilience and healing. 

Kerstin lives in Bellingham, WA

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 Joanna Bourke, columnist at The Reluctant Cook

Joanna・Life Coach, Chef & Contributor

Joanna Bourke is a Life Coach and Ballymaloe-trained cook. After several years working for a global tech company in Silicon Valley, she left to follow her passion for food and cooking. She has cooked at yoga and business retreats in Ireland and France, and hosts a workshop called The Calm Kitchen - focused on the mental health benefits of cooking and Intuitive Eating.  

Joanna has completed the course Applying Intuitive Eating and Non-Diet Approaches in Practice with Dr. Laura Thomas, which has been endorsed by the Association for Nutrition. In 2018 Joanna was named as one of the People to Watch in Food by The Irish Times.

Joanna lives in Dublin, Ireland

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