Intuitive Dieting: The Missing Piece for Weight Loss

Intuitive Dieting™

A Fresh Approach to Weight Loss


A Fresh Approach

Do you ever feel overwhelmed by all the information out there when it comes to weight loss and dieting?

From the dieting proponents (Weight Watchers, Jenny Craig, Nutrisystem) and food lifestyle enthusiasts (Paleo, Keto etc.) to the Healthy-At-Every-Size (HAES) and Intuitive Eating supporters, everyone has an opinion and mission when it comes to how we see and treat our bodies. And I get it, I've read the books and followed the blogs, always in the hope that what they offered was the answer to my problems. Alas, after four decades of absorbing a lot of information and trying to make changes I realized that I felt lost, unheard and defeated. And I had gained a lot of weight in the process which was beginning to seriously impact my health.

I knew that I needed to stop listening to the noise and find my own truth.

I am looking for the connection between all of it: I want to reconnect with my body and learn to eat more intuitively, but I also want to lose a significant amount of weight to alleviate related health issues. With a society that keeps gaining weight despite all the information that is available to us I feel like there is a missing link and that’s what I’m exploring with my Intuitive Dieting approach and my new 12-month program “From Resistance to Resilience”. I’d love for you to join me!

I am a proponent of respect at any size and of not discriminating against people because of their size. What I’m not a proponent of is just accepting our obesity as healthy, inconsequential, and normal.
— Diane Carbonell

So what is Intuitive Dieting™?


At its core Intuitive Dieting™ means using dieting methods to control how much I eat and following the Intuitive Eating principles to determine what I eat and when.


I keep asking myself: Are you hungry, what do you want? There are many types of hunger! Some of the 10 principles of Intuitive Eating help me understand the difference between my mind’s and my body’s hunger and I am learning to create more alignment between the two.

My body is infinitely wise. An obese body does not, for instance, want a lot of food but I've been ignoring those messages for a long time. With Intuitive Dieting I use dieting methods to learn to eat less and to reconnect with my bodies' natural hunger signals.

I am not just putting any food on the table that is within my plan but I am actively working with my body to give it what it needs.


My Dieting Method


Weight loss is a formula:
Eat less and move more. Create a calorie deficit and you will lose weight.

How we create this deficit is a very individual preference that is usually informed by our physical and cultural environment as well as our personality and food history. Whatever food plan you follow, if you are losing weight on it, it is because you are creating a calorie deficit. Personally, the idea of removing certain food groups from my diet feels too restrictive and the only thing that's ever worked for me consistently is portion control through calorie counting. This way I learn what my body needs and I can eat what I want, as long as it fits into my budget. I use the LoseIt app for tracking my calories, it makes it very easy.

There are many other methods you can chose from, such as Intermittent Fasting, or FDH (German for “Friss Die Hälfte” = Eat Half), or Weight Watchers, basically anything that is not a fad diet and works with your own preferences and lifestyle.


Diets work.

What doesn't work is the all-or-nothing diet mentality and our resistance to examining and reprogramming deeply rooted emotional patterns. I use calorie counting to help me control my portions so to create the calorie deficit I need to lose weight. It works. If I stick to it. Which of course is the mind-maze where everything tends to go wrong. I realized that calorie counting would never work for me as long as I regarded it as this external thing that controlled me and that had the power to save and fix me.

But what if I started searching for the answers within and used my dieting method as a structural support tool while exploring the soul searching side of things?

Digging deep into the core of whatever it is that causes us to turn to food for comfort can be difficult and unsettling – and the resistance monster will rear its ugly head on a regular basis and try and send us straight back into the arms of Ben & Jerry. Those are the times when the calorie counting part of my program becomes really important and when, for instance, tracking my food is helping me not fall back into old habits. The structure provided by this external piece of my program helps me immensely while I do the internal work that is needed for making lasting healthier changes. 

Calorie Counting is my tool, not my master.

When you’ve had a troubled relationship with food & comfort eating for most of your life, and if that has caused you to gain a lot of weight, then chances are that you are feeling quite disconnected from your body. Dieting methods will help you build the bridge back to your body, Intuitive Eating guidelines will gently walk you across the bridge and back to yourself.
— Kerstin