Do you have a lot of weight to lose but feel stuck, lost or defeated?


That’s pretty much where I found myself at the beginning of 2019. Decades of diet mentality and emotional eating had left me almost 100 lbs overweight. And at age 55 these excess pounds were starting to impact my health and quality of life. Previously I had a lot of success with a program I call Intuitive Dieting™, however, when my mom passed away suddenly in 2015 the grief slowly but surely returned me to my old numbing and eating habits and I regained everything I had lost.

The Missing Connection

With the wealth of information available to us these days knowledge is clearly not the problem. We know how to lose weight. We also know that it’s not all about the food and that there are deeper and more complex emotional patterns at play that keep us stuck in the diet-binge loop. Yet many of us just can’t seem to make the long-term changes needed to be lighter and healthier. So what is really going on here? Why is this so hard? I’ve spent decades reading about weight loss and dieting, and trying various approaches. The only thing that ever worked for me was Intuitive Dieting™. But even here I still struggle with making it stick and as soon as life throws me off my routine I falter and return to my familiar coping mechanism of eating and numbing. Nonetheless, I know I am onto something with Intuitive Dieting and in this 12-month program we will explore our restistance to permanent change and deepen the practices that help us be more consistent with our food and health choices.

This program is free and has two goals:

  1. Lose weight to improve our health

  2. Adopting an Intuitive Eating lifestyle

We start on January 22, 2019


Program Details


I am still working out the details of this program and will be building and shaping it as we go along. I envisage the following:

  • Weekly emails with insights, encouragement and prompts

  • A private blog to keep track of everything

  • A private Facebook support group

Month 1

– What is my Why?
– Chosing a diet method
– Setting the scene

More to come!