Intuitive Dieting: The Missing Piece for Weight Loss

The Missing Connection

From Resistance to Resilience


Do you ever feel overwhelmed by all the information out there when it comes to dieting, weight loss, fat shaming, obesity epidemic and everything in between?

From the dieting proponents (Weight Watchers, Jenny Craig) and food lifestyle enthusiasts (Paleo, Keto etc) to the Healthy-At-Every-Size and Intuitive Eating supporters, everyone has an opinion and mission when it comes to how we see and treat our bodies. And I get it, I've read the books and followed the blogs, always in the hope that what they offered was the answer to my problems. Alas, after four decades of absorbing a lot of information and trying to make changes I realized that I felt lost and defeated, and I had gained a lot of weight in the process which was beginning to seriously impact my health. And I knew that I needed to find my own truth.

I am looking for the connection between all of it:

I want to learn to eat more intuitively and listen to my body, but I also want to lose a significant amount of weight to alleviate related health issues. There is a key that unlocks all of this and I have made it my mission to find it and use it.

I am a proponent of respect at any size and of not discriminating against people because of their size. What I’m not a proponent of is just accepting our obesity as healthy, inconsequential, and normal.
— Diane Carbonell

Intuitive Eating & Weight Loss


In the Intuitive Eating world 'weight' is a dirty word because it is so loaded with shame, guilt and discrimination. I completely get that. However. The question that I have asked in HAES groups and also my therapist is this: "How do I not make it about the weight when the weight is having a direct impact on my health?" And I always get the same answer: "There is no evidence that weight is an indicator of health and focusing on weight is unhelpful and only keeps you in the diet/binge cycle. So we don't talk about it."