The Panic Monster and a Yummy Rice Bowl

 brown rice bowl with tahini dressing | the reluctant cook

A quick housekeeping note: The Mailchimp issue is fixed! My apologies to those who did not receive the previous two posts, or who got those blown up Diet Monster emails, going forward everything should be ok now. Thank you so much for your patience! 

I did not sleep well last night. Which is not unusual these days. Between my sleep apnea, menopause and an overactive mind I tend to have three or four restless nights and then I am usually so exhausted that I sleep better for a night or two. When I got up this morning I was tired and already feeling rushed, I had to start my bookkeeping today, something I’ve been procrastinating on for, hmmm, a whole year? To be fair, my bookkeeping software (17hats who I love otherwise) had been having problems for the last four weeks and they finally fixed it yesterday! I had a deadline today! Which is why I was feeling stressed before I even brushed my teeth.

(Panic monster, AAAAHHHH).

After I finished brushing my teeth I took a moment to reflect and asked myself: “What do you need? What would help you now?” Yoga. A walk in the fresh air and sunshine. A nourishing breakfast and some meditation, perhaps a bit of journaling. 

Yeah, right. 

As I was contemplating my options I knew that there was only one thing that would make me feel better. DO MY BOOKKEEPING. Everything else, no matter how healthy it would have been, was only a diversion at this point. So I got down to it and BEGAN. 

 My office assistant hard at work!

My office assistant hard at work!

By the afternoon I had made some progress but who am I kidding? You cannot do a whole year’s worth of bookkeeping in one day. So I just focused on the priorities for my deadline (which I still missed) and kept working. At that point, for the first time since starting my cleanse, I had strong cravings for sugar and a milky coffee. Then I thought, just feel it and don’t act on it. Eventually I got hungry but did not feel like cooking an elaborate meal. For some people cooking is stress relief, I am not quite there yet. However, when I checked the fridge I saw that I still had some left over brown rice and there were plenty of veggies and other things that I could just throw into a bowl for a yummy and satisfying afternoon snack or early dinner. 

Instead of rushing through the food prep – I always just want to be done with it and be sitting down and eating already! – I tried to be more present to the actual process of chopping the veggies, adding the 1/2 avocado that was left from this morning's smoothie, remembering the cilantro (one of my favorite herbs) that I bought yesterday and rubbing a bit of it between my fingers and enjoying its fragrant aroma. Add a few toasted pine nuts, a generous dash of my homemade Tahini dressing and voila! Here was a lovely bowl of comfort food. And no more sugar cravings or dip in energy. 

 brown rice bowl food prep | the reluctant cook

Tahini Brown Rice Bowl

1/2 cup of cooked short grain brown rice (any rice really, or quinoa)
1/4 red pepper, chopped
1/2 small zucchini, chopped
Handful of slightly chopped cilantro
1/2 avocado
Toasted pine nuts (as many as you like)
Generous dash of Tahini dressing or other dressing of choice

Optional add-ons for protein: boiled or poached egg, sautéed shrimp.


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