There is no food in the house!

By the time Wednesday or Thursday comes around I am feeling the familiar resistance when I stand in the kitchen wondering what the heck to make for lunch and/or dinner. I open the fridge and proclaim: “We have no food in the house!” At which point I either rush to the shops like a headless chicken, feeling stressed and disorganized, or I revert to the trusted establishment of take-outs or deliveries. Or, we’ll just go out for dinner. Which always makes me feel a little like I am skiving and doing something naughty. Sigh. 

Last Wednesday I had just opened the fridge door and was about to close it again because there was “nothing” in there, when I decided to open the vegetables drawers and dig deep. Look what I found!

 all the vegetables from my fridge | the reluctant cook

While some of these veggies last quite a long time, others will go bad eventually and I hate to admit this, but we do waste and throw away a fair amount of food every month. I do feel guilty every time this happens and as part of my falling in love with cooking I also want to become more mindful with how we are storing and using our food. 

Anyway. So here I was with all these vegetables on my counter! And I got to work and spent the next two hours making the following (it’s a good thing I’m my own boss and can take a long lunch break!):

  • Potato cakes for lunch
  • Roasted veggies
  • Chopped parsley & tarragon for the freezer (great in soups and fish and egg dishes)
  • Steamed carrots and broccoli for dinner
 what to cook with all my vegetables | the reluctant cook

I actually kind of enjoyed doing this and felt very accomplished when my husband and I sat down for lunch (slightly burnt but still very yummy potato cakes with apples sauce that I also unearthed from the fridge) while the veggies were roasting in the oven. 

We ate the carrots and broccoli for dinner with a couple of tasty German sausages that we had in the freezer and I had enough roasted veggies to make rice bowls for the rest of the week. I love those rice bowls, so easy to put together and so yummy! 

So next time I am tempted to say “We have no food in the house!” I am going to have a good look around and I am hoping that with more practice there will be less food waste and more enjoyment of fresh and healthy meals. Bon appetite!

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